What’s in a name: prayer and spell casting?

prayer                                                  pagan altar

One of the items which seems to cause concern and wonder amongst the non-Pagan community is that of casting spells. Somehow this process is able to shift space and time, to defy the laws of physics and matter to achieve feats that no mortal could. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

Yes, those of Pagan faith do talk of energy-shifting or focusing as part of the spell-casting process. Simply put this is the act of focusing your internal energy, while attracting like energy from the universe, towards an intended goal. The same is done with sports psychologists who work with players, golfers of note, in focusing their energies on the perfect shot or play. It is the power of positive thought. We do think a bit outside of ourselves as Pagans know they are connected to the energy of the universe, and can harness that energy to aid them. However, as Pagans we also know that we must work with nature and the natural laws- for they serve as a foundation for our spiritual path.

I can draw a similar comparison to my Christian brethren when discussing prayer. What does one do when they pray to their god? They oftentimes kneel or sit (coming closer to the Earth), clasp their hands ( creating a connection between the two halves of their body), close their eyes (this is a common method used in metaphysical practices such as meditation to help focus our mind and remove distractions), and then look to speak to their god and generally with the purpose of asking or attempting to influence a particular result (I would call that focusing energy towards an intended goal- wouldn’t you).

After the spell is cast and the prayer is given both Pagans and Christians do the same thing- wait. They wait and have faith that their devotion to their spiritual beliefs and their devoted process will yield a result which is in their intended favour. Just because we take different paths does not mean we do not end up at the same destination.

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