Do we need Pagan festivals and events?

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This comes from a posting made by the Pagan Awareness Network on their facebook page last night asking for responses from Pagans about what would make them organize their money and time to attend events. From what I gather the back-story stems from a failed attempt at organizing a Sydney-based event recently which ran at a loss and was not well attended. It started me thinking of what would compel me to take time out of my busy schedule of work, family, and personal interests to attend such an event.

What can a Pagan event give us that we cannot already access ourselves within our own home? Here are some ideas which come to mind:

– Speakers of particular interests and specialities (meditation, Pagan history, spell casting or other ritual formation)

– Group circles, festivals, or gatherings (i.e. full moon, sabbats, rituals)

– Vendors with Pagan-specific products to see/touch/buy

To my mind all are quite valid, however why do we not come out to support our religion and meet with like-minded individuals? From my experience (mainly online) Pagans are very social people- so what is the issue?

Wondering what others may think? It is an interesting point to ponder.

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3 thoughts on “Do we need Pagan festivals and events?

  1. Timing is everything, and then there’s the unknown.

    We have a couple local pagan festivals, and I used to attend one of them every year (bi-annually). The issue became money and time; I didn’t always have the money or vacation time available to go out to festival, and I couldn’t afford not to work for 3-5 days.

    Another issue is the unknown. Pagans get along great online, but local communities aren’t always so cohesive. Our festival gets a lot of attendance from specific cities, largely thanks to pagan meet-ups and Pagan Nights Out scheduled in their area. When local pagans know a dozen people who are going to an event, they’re more likely to try out something new (even if it’s expensive or a bit farther away than they’d like).

      1. I would! Even formal single day events can be more successful. The problem is in money and scheduling, as I said. It’s easier to justify a day trip out of town than it is to consign a whole weekend to camping with strangers.

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