Monotheism, Polythesim, or other? The existence and belief in gods

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The definition of theism, according to Oxford online dictionary, is ” belief in the existence of a god or gods, specifically of a creator who intervenes in the universe: there are many different forms of theism”

That started me thinking, am I a polytheist, as some may suggest (believing in multiple gods). As to the idea of a creator I must admit I take a more Darwinian approach- a belief in the Big Bang and subsequent genetic mutation and improvement based on survival of the fittest. This is in line with the Wiccan connection with nature and the natural process of life. So I do not believe that there is some ‘master plan’ with a conscious entity at the helm.

Another question exists in the term ‘god (God)’. I don’t think this fits either. I believe that there is a spiritual energy which surrounds and is included within all things- but this spiritual energy does not have a mind of its own, and does not have any purposeful control. Often it is talked about as Wiccans and other faiths celebrating the God and Goddess- this I do not question. However, to me this is the human mind trying to describe and comprehend the infinite. The God and Goddess are simply differing vibrations in the spiritual energy- not specific entities in their own right. They represent the qualities spiritual energy in relation to gender  and personality traits.

As to the intervening portion, I think this is rather obvious. You reap what you sow- as the Wiccan Rede describes. Therefore, we intervene in our own future with every action we take.

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8 thoughts on “Monotheism, Polythesim, or other? The existence and belief in gods

      1. I’m a hard polytheist. If I can think of a god, I think it exists. It makes it a little bit difficult sometimes, but I seem to manage. What I don’t have is a creation theory. There may have been a big bang, and maybe that created the gods, or maybe the gods created it… I’m okay with not knowing the truth of the past, as long as I work towards the truth of now. (Forgive me if that doesn’t make a lot of sense, I’m a bit tired)

  1. See, I’m an animist first, then a polytheist. That’s where my spirituality and science connect, where the Big Bang is a part of the Everything that’s connected. You might like “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Robert Heinlen. Basically, it explains a “[D] All of the above” answer to the question of which religion is right. Every religion, even brand new ones, is real and true for its practitioners. It’s hard to explain, so go read the book!

  2. Allow me to elaborate even further on your subject. I am an Archetypalist, which means I am a Soft Polytheist, but also acknowledge the pantheons of other Soft Polytheists. I recognize the need to use Jungian Archetypes to represent aspects of a superior being, the whole of whom is impossible to literally envision.

    And thank you for your article here. 🙂

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