Let me introduce myself

Cover of Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Pract...
Cover of Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner, Cunningham’s most successful book (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For most of my life I lived in Southern California, USA. However, fate has brought me to the southern hemisphere and now I call Australia my home. My immediate family is very accepting of my spiritual path, however the extended family and friends are not as amenable- this is similar to other Pagans I have met. As a Pagan I practice a version of solitary Wicca in the tradition of the late Scott Cunningham, however I must admit it is more difficult being in the southern hemisphere as most of the sabbats are set for the northern hemisphere.


Like many of my Wiccan brethren my household, while not strictly practicing, were Christian. This led me to discover my Wiccan roots in secret. These were the days before the internet was as common, so books were my teachers. From the moment I discovered Wicca I knew this was my path. Shortly thereafter I held a private initiation.

After over twenty years of being a Wiccan there are some things I have realized. Modern societies claim to be tolerant and accepting publicly, however when the ‘rubber meets the road’ that tolerance quickly dissipates. I have had to develop a duality within myself as I find it natural that at certain times the spiritual energy causes weird and at times interesting actions amongst others. As a nurse and Wiccan I fully agree that patients do act differently during full moons, however others do not share my view. I must also be careful as my children are young, and as any parent of young children will tell you that there is no filter. If my son finds interest in my wand or tarot cards and excitedly tells his little school friends about it I will find myself in the principal’s office. Would the same thing happen if he found a bible?

To me the issue with intolerance and fear is generally a case of ignorance. The fear of the unknown can be paralysing, and I hate to say it the popular media and social outlets do not help this cause. It is my firm belief that if Christians, Muslims, Catholics and other ‘mainstream’ religious members were able to engage in open and rational dialogue they would find that Pagans are really very similar. The purpose of this blog is to give an open forum to educate those not familiar with our beliefs to help, hopefully, understand our similarities and differences.

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